Becoming a Member

Southwark Charities pays a modest annual sum (currently £200) to up to 200 people from the local area. When these charitable gifts were made originally, they were to provide essentials such as a weekly distribution of bread, beef at Xmas, and coal during the winter; one fund even provided a regular quantity of tea and sugar! Nowadays the Charity makes a payment of £50 every three months, plus a cash bonus of £50 at Christmas.

But that’s not all; members of the Charity are invited to participate, for free, in a whole programme of activities and events throughout the year, from theatre visits in the spring and autumn, to days out at the seaside in the summer. Social events such as Afternoon Tea and Christmas Lunch are also offered. In addition, the Charity pays for a week-long holiday at a resort specifically designed to support older people, and up to 100 places are offered. For more details, please visit the “Activities & Events” page.

To become a Member, please either download the pdf application form HERE, alternatively a Word version can be downloaded HERE, or contact the Charity directly; please see the “Contact Us” page for details.