About Us

Southwark Charities has a long history of charitable giving to Southwark residents that are in need stretching back over 400 years.

We are a grouping of five old established charities, the oldest of which was founded in 1603 and the most recent in 1985. These charities were merged under a scheme of the Charity Commission dated 10th December 2010. The scheme provided for Southwark Charities to administer the merged charity and to act as its trustee.

Today Southwark Charities focuses on four core areas:

  • Provision of residential accommodation for older people
  • Grant-making to community organisations supporting the well-being of Southwark’s older people
  • Charity memberships for Southwark’s older people
  • Administrative services to other charities in Southwark

Our Vision: Expanding our contribution towards an equitable and inclusive society, where the older residents of Southwark (in need, hardship or distress) have access to long-term, truly affordable housing, allowing them the opportunity to lead independent, enjoyable and dignified lives in a safe, secure and supported environment.

Our Mission: To provide high quality, well-managed and truly affordable housing for the older residents of Southwark in social and/or financial need, as well as helping to enrich the lives of older residents in Southwark generally through grants to local community organisations and charities offering a variety of welfare and support services.

Our Values: In pursuing our Vision and Mission, we aim to be caring, kind and fair, generous, inclusive, ambitious, sustainable and professional in all our endeavours.

Southwark Charities is a charitable company limited by guarantee incorporated in 2010 and is registered with the Charity Commission. Full details of current Trustees and Financial Reports & Accounts can be found HERE.